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Here is your center for the latest in safety information and timely tips.

Simply click on the links below to read this important information. We're always looking for ways to help you stay safe as you travel.

Consumer Reports Tire Safety Tips
As the only parts of the car that physically touch the ground, they are one of the key factors affecting a vehicle's handling and braking, and overall highway safety. What steps can you take to ensure that your tires stay in optimal condition? Performing regular checks is quick and easy, and a worthwhile investment of time in your and your family's safety.

Five Trouble Signs to Look For... Click HERE to read more . . .

How to Avoid Auto Repair Scams
Don't get taken by an unscrupulous shop. Here are tips on how to find superior, certified mechanics, plus steps to take if you think you've been ripped off.

The Basics of Steer Clear of Auto Repair Scams... Click HERE to read more . . .

Why Neighborhood Mechanics Rock!
Recently I used a coupon to get a $17.95 oil change and tire rotation at a local auto-repair chain. Along with the bill came -- surprise! -- a warning that more work was needed. They suggested a tune-up plus a flush of both the coolant and brake fluids because the former was "dirty" and the latter was "dark and dirty." Horrors.

This may have sounded like a scam -- come in for cheap work, pay for additional work -- but I believed them. It's been a long time since those chores were done. I'm not sure how long. According to an MSN Money article, I should have been keeping a service log instead of (usually) tossing receipts into a folder. Oops.

Neighborhood Mechanics Rock! Click HERE to read more . . .

Will Your Brakes Stop You Safely - Every Time?
Your brakes are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. Without them, you have no way of stopping. Brakes allow you to lock down your car and keep it from moving, especially the emergency brake. Brakes are found on just about anything with wheels, including vehicles, trains, airplanes, and even non-motorized devices like wheel chairs, walkers and shopping carts.

Most people know what brakes are and how important they are. but many have no idea how brakes actually work. While the concept is fairly simple, the actual science behind brakes is quite interesting.

Will Your Brakes Stop You? Click HERE to read more . . .

Advance Auto Repair
Advance Auto Repair
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J. Hernandez
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“Competitively priced, top-notch service, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, these are a few of the reasons I trust Tommy Nickelson and his professional team at Advanced Auto Repair to take care of my fleet of business vehicles, and my personal ones as well."

Kerry Goree, Owner
Denton, TX

“I especially appreciate the time your employees took to explain the problem & repair options. In a day when service is often a forgotten word, I just wanted to say -- Way To Go! And thank you.”

Nancy M.

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