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Meeting Your Car's Electrical Needs

After the battery starts the engine, the alternator provides electricity to meet your car's needs. A warning light, or discharge indication can be an indication of alternator failure. However, before you decide to replace your alternator, the alternator drive belt should be checked. If it is loose, and the voltage regulator isn't working properly they may result in a charge warning light or a discharge indication on the anmeter to appear. Sometimes a failed alternator may be indicated by a shrill noise that increases in pitch as engine speed increases. This is caused by a bad diode. A diode is a solid state electronic device in the alternator that changes or rectifies alternating current into direct current for use by the car's electrical system.

If the charge warning light on your dashboard lights up, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into our shop and have an experienced technician take a look at it. Our expert staff receives ongoing training and support and stays on top of the latest automotive repair techniques. We can thoroughly diagnose an electrical problem, and give you an estimate you can trust. All of our work is guaranteed. Call us today!
Advance Auto Repair
Advance Auto Repair
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“I had never seen this establishment before. I had excellent customer service, a clean lobby, friendly people and great results! I will definitely come back.”

J. Hernandez
Denton, Texas

“Competitively priced, top-notch service, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, these are a few of the reasons I trust Tommy Nickelson and his professional team at Advanced Auto Repair to take care of my fleet of business vehicles, and my personal ones as well."

Kerry Goree, Owner
Denton, TX

“I especially appreciate the time your employees took to explain the problem & repair options. In a day when service is often a forgotten word, I just wanted to say -- Way To Go! And thank you.”

Nancy M.

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