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AAA APPROVED REPAIR FACILITYAdvanced Auto Repair is proud to be an AAA Approved repair facility. We not only offer 24 hour towing and roadside assistance, we meet strict AAA requirements regarding competency, reliability, cleanliness, timely repairs, convenient hours, fair pricing and expert customer service.

When you have an accident, or need emergency repair, a AAA truck will be dispatched to assist you. If towing is required, you can be towed back to the our auto repair facility or to any point of your choice along the direct return to any point of safety within a specific mileage our auto repair facility.

We also provide testing & battery replacement service to get you going again. Our service technician can safely and accurately diagnose the condition of your battery. If it is determined that a new battery is needed we may be able to offer replacement products at a AAA member reduced price. If a new battery is purchased, the AAA roadside assistance call will not count against a AAA member's annual call limit.

For AAA Assistance, Call (800) AAA-HELP (222-4357) or call us at 940-382-1691


Because vehicle technology is far more sophisticated than in years past, people who wish to work in the automobile service industry should complete formal training, as well as receive intern training from experienced workers. ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) certification is required in most shops today. AYES (Automotive Youth Education Service) is a partnership between high school automotive programs, manufacturers and dealers and is certified by ASE. Entry-level technician positions are filled by these well-prepared students.

Intensive career preparation can be received in post-secondary training programs. These programs are frequently updated to keep up with the constantly changing automotive industry, and technicians are constantly trained to stay abreast of new models and equipment changes. Some manufacturers send factory representatives to independent shops & dealerships to provide training programs for upgrading technician skills.

One of the most challenging duties of an automotive technician is to diagnose hard-to-find automotive problems. Automotive repair shop owners seek employees who have good communication and analytical skills. Technicians must be able to read & evaluate technical manufacturer manuals, operate high-tech electronic equipment, as well as be proficient at computer software.

ASE Certification is the standard credential for automotive repair technicians today. ASE Master Certification is obtainable only after rigorous training in most automotive systems, two years experience in each system and completion of the Certification Examination. Technicians who demonstrate administrative, leadership and customer service abilities may advance to the position of manager or service advisor.

Our Auto Repair Technicians are Highly Trained!

Auto repair technicians inspect, diagnose, maintain and repair gas, diesel and hybrid autos and trucks. Their responsibilities have definitely changed from performing simple mechanical repairs to high-tech, highly complicated procedures.

Today's sophisticated automobiles require technicians who are specially trained to use computerized shop equipment and electronic along with traditional hand tools. Technicians use a variety of tools such as: power tools, such as pneumatic wrenches; machine tools like lathes and grinding machines; welding and flame-cutting equipment, jacks and hoists; and common hand tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches. Most technicians have thousands of dollars invested in a wide selection of hand tools, personally selected to fit their own unique working style. Most employers furnish the most expensive power tools, engine analyzers, and other high-tech diagnostic equipment.


Some of our equipment looks like the dashboard of a jumbo jet airliner - but our expert ASE Certified Master Technicians know what all those digital readouts mean. They are specially trained to know how to interpret what your car is telling them and they know how to fix it. Is your car having drive-ability problems? Diagnosis is our specialty. Our techs won't stop until they find the problem - and then they fix it!

State of the Art Equipment & Tools

Technicians must have an increasingly broad knowledge of how today's vehicles' integrated electronic systems and complex computers work together. With electronic diagnostic equipment and digital manuals and reference materials at their disposal, today's technicians are required to complete rigorous continual training and testing.

Service Advisors are especially skilled at receiving and processing information about mechanical troubles and write a repair order. These repair orders give repair technicians a detailed description of a vehicle's issues, along with relevant information about the vehicle. The technician then locates the problem using a diagnostic approach. Using a variety of testing equipment, including on-board and hand-held diagnostic computers or compression gauges, the technician is able to isolate the components or systems that might be the cause of the issues.

Technicians test and lubricate engines, major components, repair or replace worn parts and follow an inspection checklist to reduce or eliminate possible breakdowns. Belts, hoses, plugs, brake and fuel systems, and other potentially troublesome automotive systems are inspected thoroughly.

Most auto repair shops have computerized diagnostic testing devices with manufacturer benchmarked standards. These standards reveal important information to technicians and help technicians diagnose vehicle problems. With technical service bulletins, manuals, Internet resources and software packages, technicians are given valuable information about common problems and procedures for today's high-tech vehicle equipment.

Computers and electronic components primarily control everything in today's automobiles from the radio to the engine. Some vehicles integrate global positioning into their systems, which require high-tech tolls and up-to-date training and skills for today's technicians. As more alternative fuel vehicles roll down the road, technicians have to learn how they operate to be able to perform repairs.

Some auto repair shops specialize in their own specific niche, such as brake repairs or transmission repairs which require specialized training and preparation. Air conditioning repair technicians must have training in Federal and State regulations regarding the disposal of refrigerants. Special wheel-balancing and alignment equipment is required for those who specialize in aligning and balancing wheels.


Isn't it time you trusted your auto repairs to an auto repair shop who uses the same diagnosis equipment & software used by the dealerships and who stands behind their work with a fix-it-right-the-first-time guarantee?

Advanced Auto repair understands your desire for professional maintenance, repair, and service at an affordable price. We are your dealership alternative! We'll treat you like royalty and your car like gold in our top-of-the-line service center. Have a new car, or used car warranty? We can maintain your 30,60,90 day service to keep your warranty secure. And you can be sure we'll keep detailed records.

Computerized Records & Preferences History

Is your glove compartment full of vehicle repair orders and recommended maintenance notices? Can't remember when you had your oil changed last (and that little sticker on your windshield fell off last time you washed your windshield?) Most of us don't have the time or the energy to keep detailed records on auto repairs and maintenance. No worries! We can do that for you - and then we'll even send you a postcard, or an email so you can make sure your automobiles keep in worry-free, tip-top condition.

Priority Service & Scheduling

Because we know the history of your vehicle, we can prepare an effective preventative maintenance program for you. You can sleep sound knowing that a car that is maintained is less likely to break down! We'll keep you advised of your vehicle needs so you can make appointments convenient for you.


With gas prices at an all time high, don't wait until you experience trouble to have your auto serviced. You can keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket by keeping your auto properly maintained according to your manufacturer's maintenance schedule. When you trust us to take care of your auto, we'll send you convenient reminders when it's time to have important scheduled services performed.

Advanced Auto Repair

Located in the heart of Denton, Texas, our facility is equipped to handle your every maintenance and service need.

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