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Advanced Auto Repair of Denton, TX is your neighborhood muffler/exhaust system experts, and automotive maintenance specialist. Our ASE Certified Technicians are specifically trained in exhaust repairs and catalytic convertor diagnosis. Check out our coupons for additional savings. Call 940-382-1691 or click here to set an appointment.

When you think of a cars exhaust system, most people think it's to keep things quiet, but it is also designed to reduce harmful emissions from entering your vehicle and protecting the outside air from smog building gasses. Properly operating catalytic convertors and mufflers not only keep your car running quietly, but help to protect the environment.

My car failed state inspection for a catalytic convertor code, what should I do?

Your catalytic convertor is a very sophisticated part of the exhaust system. Although it appears to be similar to the muffler, its function is very different. There are sensors that if working properly will monitor the catalytic convertor, but if the sensors are contaminated, or defective, they will produce a false code. You should have your exhaust system diagnosed to ensure you are replacing a part that is indeed defective. There are a lot of times when sensors and even vacuum leaks are the actual cause of these catalytic convertor failure codes.

Why was I told I need a California Catalytic convertor for my car, when I live in Texas?

Your vehicle most likely was meant to be sold in California. There are times where vehicles are special ordered and transferred to other states to be sold. Your cars computer software that measures the effectiveness of your convertor was calibrated for California's strict emissions standards. The California convertors have six times the precious metals than the federal (OBD2) convertors, which are required to reduce the exhaust emissions coming from your vehicle. The federal (OBD2) convertors are cheaper, but will not work (or turn the check engine light off) on California vehicles.

Recently my car seems to be getting louder. When should I replace my muffler?

There are a lot of components to inspect before I would recommend replacing any muffler. The exhaust pipes can rust thru and sound similar to a bad muffler. The exhaust rubber hangers can stretch and break, causing extra stress on gaskets, manifolds, and mufflers itself. We recommend brining your vehicle in for a professional inspection at least once every year, unless you hear something sooner.

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