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People say, "Timing is everything!" When it comes to your vehicle, timing is important to the coordination of all the internal parts of your vehicle's engine. A very important part of your vehicle's operation is the timing belt. The timing belt wraps around the camshaft and the crankshaft of your vehicle.

Your vehicle's timing belt can become worn or cracked over time. It is vitally important to have this belt inspected frequently and then replaced when needed. The ASE Certified Technicians at Advanced Auto Repair are experts at recognizing when timing belts need to be replaced and they also have the skills and experience to replace them.

Timing Belt Problems - Denton, Texas

It is uncommon for timing belts to break but failing to replace a worn timing belt can cause complete engine failure. If your are concerned about your vehicle's timing belt, or your vehicle has high mileage, ask the experts at Advanced Auto Repair to inspect your vehicle's timing belt at regular maintenance intervals. Replacing the timing belt can help avoid major engine repairs down the road.

AAA Roadside Emergency Service from Advanced Auto Repair

Should your timing belt break, or you experience any kind of breakdown on the road, be sure to call Advanced Auto Repair.

An AAA truck will be dispatched to assist you. If towing is required, you can be towed back to our auto repair facility or to any point of your choice along the direct return to any point of safety within a specific mileage from our auto repair facility.

Help Prevent Roadside Emergencies - Call for a Timing Belt Inspection

Timing belt replacement is usually done as a part of a series of parts renewals to keep all related parts working together well. We can replace all the necessary parts as per manufacturer's recommendations and we warranty everything we do.

Give us a call at Advanced Auto Repair, 940-382-1691 and schedule a full-vehicle inspection today. We are committed to your complete satisfaction. We guarantee our work and we have the skills and experience to help with any automotive need you may have.

For Timing Belt Inspection / Replacement
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